With Square One, you
can create affordable, broadcast-quality video, hassle and hands free

Square One cameras have been designed and handmade to put broadcast-quality video in your grasp, without breaking the bank, or having to employ multiple camera attendants.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology, you can set one up, and it’ll automatically pick up the right video and the right audio at the right time.

Plus, it’ll record exactly what you need and live stream it directly to Facebook, YouTube or pretty much any content delivery network you need to put it on. 

Handselected and brought to the UK by one of the country’s leading audiovisual companies, you can rest assured that Square One cameras will deliver the crystal clear image you need to rely on, time and time again.

Compatible, right out of the box

Fully compatible with tools like Blackmagic, Newtek and vMix.

Broadcast-quality video

The Panasonic 1|2.7 sensor gives you sharp 1920x1080 video, right up to 60 fps.

Incredible autofocus

The world class autofocus algorithm gives you a faster, more reliable and more accurate lens, and features 20x or 30x optical zoom for a crystal clear picture

Fully licensed

Comes with NDI® | HX and SRT licenses

HD Camera PTZ

Our flagship HD camera allows you to send videos over SDI, HDMI and NDI, all the way up to 1080p/60 quality.

You can control it using a keyboard in person, or remotely over the web interface, and has all the adjustments you’ll need to make the image bespoke for your show.

Box Camera

Featuring a 20x optical zoom and offering 1080p/60 quality HD video even from a distance, the SQ250 is perfect for broadcasting high definition video, either for broadcast or via video conferencing software from one camera.

4K Camera PTZ

As you’d expect, the 4k version combines many of the same features of the fantastic PTZ with even more clarity, also adding the flexibility of 3G-SDI and HDMI connections.

PTZ Broadcaster Keyboard

The PTZ Broadcaster Keyboard works hand in hand with all Square One cameras, allowing you to direct and focus on exactly what you want, and it’s also compatible with the VISCA, ONVIF and PELCO protocols.